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  • OSCAR Designation: VUSat OSCAR-52
  • Oscar Number:  VO-52
  • Common Name:  HAMSAT
  • Satellite Type:  Microsatellite
  • Apogee:  646.00 - Perigee:  607.00
VU52 or HAMSAT is a microsatellite launch on 5 may 2005 in a LEO orbit by AMSAT-India. It is carring two linear amateur radio transporders and two beacons. The indian transporder and beacon are non operational, for the moment only dutch beacon and transporder are in air.

Tracking satellite footprint

The working modes are SSB and CW.
  • Mode V Beacon (Dutch Beacon): Simplex: 145.8600 MHz CW
  • Mode U/V (B) Linear Transponder (Inverting) (Dutch Transponder):
  • Uplink: 435.2250 - 435.2750 MHz SSB/CW
  • Downlink: 145.9250 - 145.8750 MHz SSB/CW
passing over Romania

For the moment is the best linear bird in the sky with strong signals and easy to work using low power and simple antennas. To know witch transporder is on listen for the beacon that is active. For example the dutch beacon is sending a cw message on 145.860 Mhz.

Working on linear mode is a little difficult like FM single channel mode but a trick is to keep the same frequency at RX and only change the emission frequency proportional to the Doppler effect. If is not used an automatic rottor the "Linear Transporder V.1.0" is a good line guide.

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