vineri, 3 decembrie 2010

SCR-694 BC-1306

SCR-694 Old times radio set

  Forced by WWII extreme conditions the old radio sets was made with interesting design and specifications. One of this piece of work was famous SCR-694 BC-1306 .

SCR-694 BC-1306 Radio Box in action

Build airborne for field troops, mobile and fixed operation the radio have some interesting characteristics:
  1. Two units, RX and TX mounted in one box.
  2. Freqvency coverage from 3.800 to 6.500 Khz.
  3. IF 456 Khz
  4. Tubes- RX-6 tubes; TX-4 tubes
  5. Modes - CW =A1A and A2A (modulated cw) and A3-phone with amplitude modulation
  6. 20w maximum output power
The unit provide communication about 15 miles in phone mode and 30 miles in CW between moving vehicules.

SCR-694 BC-1306 Radio