joi, 24 decembrie 2009

SAQ - 17.2 Khz transmitter

SAQ - special transmission for Christmas

Today 24.12.2009 at 10:00 UTC the SAQ VLF transmiter from Grimeton send a special message for Xmas to all hamradio's.
The message was in morse code from veteran radio, at 17.2 Khz VLF with 200Kw power.


I have two ways for reception the event. One using my VLF receiver with Fldigi software, the signal was strong but a lot of electric noise, and the other using the WebSDR online receiver from Netherland.

Fldigi spectogram with a lot of electric noise.

WebSdr signal from Netherland.

Finaly i was able to record the transmission using Audacity software and fldigi simultaneous on my ALSA audio server.

---   ,,Audio file"   ---

---   ,,Spectogram"   ---
Have fun in VLF area and waiting for the next event.