luni, 11 martie 2013


Aurora beacon - DK0WCY

 One awesome tool in special in portabile operation, the beacon located in JO44VQ transmit in two frequecies, 3579 khz and the basic 24 hours per day on 10.144 khz. Transmission is according to a schedule, in three modes: CW, RTTY, PSK31 (BPSK).

The beacon

The beacon transmit continuous 24 hours on 10.144 khz the best recommendation is to listen in 30m band.

Program schedule

 The data transmitted consists of four elements in sequence:
  • curent disturbance level of the geomagnetic field (Kiel curent K)
  • MUF (maximum frequency just bent back from the ionosphere in Mhz determined for a vertical antenna radiation angle of 5 degrees)
  • one or more letters denoting events currently under way
  • one or more letters denoting events expected to occur soon
  • A - aurora
  • F - shortwave fadeout S.I.D.
  • I - solar shockwave
  • M - geomagnetic storm
  • N - no event
  • P - polar cap absortion
  • Z - beacon is on maintenance
DK0WCY - Aurora beacon