luni, 24 decembrie 2012

X-mas S.A.Q.

X-mas S.A.Q. event

Alexandesron alternator was invented in 1904 by Ernst Alexanderson, an engineer from Sweden, pioneer elite of radiocommunications. The transmitter is located in Grimeton- Sweden and transmits messages at various events and every year the traditional Christmas transmision.

Ernst Alexanderson

This year the transmission was at 10:00 UTC and good "winter RX" despite electrical noise.
Reception conditions- BBB-4 homemade modified receiver, vertical road 3.5m antenna and Baudline software. Also i try a Fldigi cw decoder. The signal was about 559 strenght but i use an ALSA audio plugin for x5 amplification.

S.A.Q. - 17.2 Khz 24.12.2012