miercuri, 20 noiembrie 2013


Cometa C/2012 S1 ISON
Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) was discovered on September 21, 2012, and an initial predictions put in the position of "Comet of the Century" at the end of 2013. Comet disappointed until November 13 when there was an outburst, the comet increasing in brightness by more than two magnitudes. On November 15 was observed even with the naked eye at magnitude 5.7. At this point is in constellation Virgo and early in the morning can be seen with binoculars. The best shot for now was taken by Alex Conu near Bucharest.
Comet ISON, shot Saturday morning, near Bucharest. Photo Taken with a Pentax 75 SDHF telescope on the Fornax 10 mount. 5 x 30 s + 60 s + 32 x 10 x 120 s at ISO 1000. The comet was a pretty difficult naked-eye object, but very easy in binocs. Now, we only have to wait and hope it Will Survive the perihelion. The image looks better on my website: - Astrographist.