sâmbătă, 16 octombrie 2010


Satellite eQsl

The eQsl service have a lot of members and one of them are fans and users of OSCAR satellites. A very common mistake is that the satellite modes users fill the Log Entry page with wrong data. So is very regular, after a SAT qso to get an eQsl for 2m or 70cm band instead of satellite modes so the confirmation is no valid.

A Log Entry example-click to enlarge

You can see in the picture above that the Log Entry add for sat's modes is very easy. First we put the Call then Date and UTC, after that, important column is BAND where we scroll down untill we see the SAT bands like in example "SAT J" (and no 2m or 70cm). Also the most important, at Special Propagation Mode  to choose "Satellites" and is a good sense to put to the Comments the name of the bird.

eQsl samples

LA2QAA on HO68

SA7AUV on SO50

RA1AKR on SO50