duminică, 27 iunie 2010


YP1WFF - Danube Delta biosphere

    Between 23 to 29 june 2010 a hamradio team activated the special callsign YP1WFF from a ship crossing all three arms of Danube river who compose the magnific wild Danube Delta. The most of time it was used YP1WFF/MM and also there was activated four lighthouses from the Black sea:
  • ROM 007 - Sf. Gheorghe
  • ROM 008 - Sulina
  • ROM 018 - Sulina
  • ROM 020 - Old LH in Sulina

  The team was composed of YO3JW - Pit and YO9GJX - Florian and were made a lot of qso's with radio amateurs around the world.

    The expedition story can be read on YOFF blog and a pictures gallery at Photobucket.